Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday- Christmas, our way

This week I am thankful for the way we do Christmas.

Leading up to the end of the year things were horrid. Meltdowns were on a huge high, I felt like we were getting pulled in every direction. Daily I was having to split up the kids from a fight. (Yes when my kids fight it gets very physical very quickly)

Then it was Christmas Day and it all pretty much stopped. A calm settled over our house.

Our Christmas is a quiet, very laid back event. It is just us at home, playing with gifts and eating food.

The result is a very calm day with minimal meltdowns and virtually no fights.
It was so nice. Also having The Miner home for a few days helped a lot too.
Though he did comment to me on Boxing Day afternoon he doesnt know how I do it day in day out. To which I choked. And quietly told him that the last few days had been pretty good compared to what normally goes on.
So I was thankful that The Miner saw my job at home with these two are not always so easy.

So yes I am thankful that I put my foot down a few years ago about us staying home and having a quiet christmas each year! It really works for us!

For more Thankful Thursday posts go over and see kate says stuff Where most are being thankful for things over the whole year. But today I am just thankful for how our christmas went.

Sarah xx

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An awesome game review

Christmas isn't too far away.
And like most years I am not ready for it.

But the kind people at Mattel emailed me a list of some of their top boys and girls toys.
Then they offered me to review something from the list.
Fair to say I squealed with delight at the thought of picking something from the list.
It was a hard pick
I wanted something that we would all enjoy

And I found it

It is called Blokus  
The box says ages 5+ but Mr Magoo 5 and The Princess had no problems at all in understanding how it worked.

Mid game

Its a puzzle like  game  where you try to get all your  pieces down while also limiting the other players of where they can go.
Towards the end of a game the kids (mainly The Princess) would need help But most of the game they could play independently.
The game is best played with 4 players. If playing with 2 players they use two colours. We also play with 3

It is a quick game too which I love. As it can be done in that spare half an hour of an afternoon when the kids need calming down..

Warning it may cause a few fights if some family member gang up together against one particular player (hehehe)

It got 2 thumbs up from the kids

We just loved this game and have played it many times.

So if you would like a copy of the game
Get to the shops and buy one. I have seen it in a few of the big chain stores. So it is out there!

And if you want to see what other toys are out there this year go to the Mattel

I was not paid for this review but given a copy of the game.

Sarah xx

Friday, November 25, 2011

Things I know- a new pup

This week we are learning about life with a new pup

I know

cold  frezzing very wild weather change makes toilet training really hard

puppies like shoes, they even like them with feet in them

choosing a name causes many arguments
currently this pups name is
Billi- Licka

The adults of the family wanted Billi
Mr Magoo was pushing Licka
The Princess suggested some verrrrry looooong name
So I combined the two, knowing I could get away with just calling her Billi.
On the fact it took us 3 days to name The Princess, Mr Magoo tells me we still have time to come up with another name.  So who knows what she will be called today

Also discovered crayons are really tasty for pups as are little red dinosaurs. But the results of eating such food items is not good at all

Other 4 legged creatures may not think too much of this new creature

Poor old Molly isnt sure what to make of this bouncy new thing

But most of all I know the kids love her so much
Though not sure how The Princess feels this morning after her new thongs were chewed up.

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Sarah xx

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday - paper towel

Billi- Licka
This week I am thankful for paper towel.

As you can see above we have a new puppy

And if you look below I have a roll of paper towel.

This new addition to the family seems to be just a bundle of wee and poo
I seem to be using a lot of the paper stuff.
Usually I dont use much of the stuff and use cloths that get chucked in the wash.
But this little pup, like any baby just is constantly doing something on the floor and usually the smell is something so unheard of. Seriously could clear a room.

So yes this week I am thankful for just plain old paper towel

I think later on today I will be thankful for my mop (not a fancy one) as this floor will be getting a super clean

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Sarah xx

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A little Home of Happiness

Have you heard of  1000 Homes of Happiness

It is a fantastic project all about origami homes and their placement all around the world.
It really is worth checking it out. Such a simple project yet gives so much happiness.

6 months ago on the 10th of May 2011,  I released my own little home.
I left it on a bench at Goulburn Lawn Cemetery NSW.

It was the 1st anniversary of my mum's passing.
I chose the word History for my little house for a few reasons.

After my mum passed I realised that there was so many stories and so much history that I hadn't heard from her. Or things I hadn't recorded from her. As you always think there will be a tomorrow.
But then there is no tomorrow and you realise there is so much history just gone.
So many questions but no-one to answer them

The second reason why I chose the word History was because in a cemetery there is just so much History to be found.
When we go out to visit mum we spend a lot of time at the cemetery.
Poor mum often only gets 10-20 minutes of our time (sorry mum, but I know you understand). Then we go off exploring mainly into the old section. To see the old gravestones and read the history that is there. We find it so interesting and yes at times very sad.

I find a Cemetery to be a place of the celebration of life, a fantastic recording through the times and a place to discover a lot of History especially in your local area.

Plus this cemetery is a great hang out place for Kangaroos. So the kids get a good run around chasing and spotting them.
My kids know to not stand on the graves and should The Princess stand on one, you will hear the screams from Mr Magoo "Get off, you are standing on someone"

For more information on these fantastic little homes go here
You could even release one yourself!

And go check out your local cemetery and see how interesting they are.

Sarah xx

Thankful for childcare

This Thursday I am thankful for childcare

My children attend childcare 2 days a week.

On weeks like this week when the kids are unable to go (due to getting Hand Foot and Mouth disease)
(for those who havent had the joy of experiencing this. The kids get blisters on their hands feet and it thier mouth, its a bit like chicken pox)
I realise how much I need those days

For those who read my blog will know my kids have special needs.
Mr Magoo who is 5 has Aspergers
and The Princess has Autism

We have good days and we have bad days.
On a good day:
We only have a few meltdowns
The kids will play nicely together
We will have fun

One a bad day:
I will have to break up many physical fights
(seriously how many households have the rule if you are going to kick your sister dont kick her in the throat)
The Princess will lay on the floor saying mumma mumma over and over or she will just scream all day
It will be hard the get Mr Magoo to settle to do any activity
He will demand to do art and craft all day (his thing) and that I make
Choc chip biscuits NOW

Having my kids attend childcare gives me a break so those bad days are not so hard to face.
These days are my respite days.
I need the break

For my kids it gives them a chance to learn and practice their social skills. And different types of play.
This  is an area that is a huge challenge for children on the spectrum.

So on this Thursday I am so Thankful for Childcare

To see what others are Thankful for go over and check out kate says stuff

Sarah xx

My Creative Space

This is my creative space for the week.

Next week we are going to my aunts 80th birthday. And I had no idea what to give her. So thought I would try and do a stitchery for her.
I wont be doing it the same as the pattern as I just wanted the owl shape and a few bits. And I will just make it up as I go along.
I made a start on it last night. Not sure of what my chances are of getting it finished but I will try.
Will post a pic next week.
Oh notice my new light box. Our craft shop had 50% of everything so I just had to buy it.

For more creative spaces go over to our creative spaces.

Sarah xx

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday new life

Love this time of year at our place

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Sarah xx

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Mumma duck and her babies
(though not sure if they were both her eggs)
(maybe an egg mix up)

Joining in with Trish for Wordless Wednesday

Sarah  xx

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Race

I have my cranky-pants on today

This is me with my cranky-pants on!

The race that stops the nation.
The Melbourne Cup

What is the hype? I just dont get it?

For starters I don't like horse racing.
I find it offensive to use animals to race and to try and make financial gain from.

I hate how at this time of year you are encouraged to place a bet and try your luck.

Last time I heard many people were having trouble making ends meet
But yet we are encouraged to have a flutter

And if you are going to a race day event you need the dress, shoes and a hat.
So more money spent on things we dont really need.

Also in Australia there are so many people who have a gambling problem
Yet at this time of year, all you hear about is who will be the winner and placing a bet on it.
So for those who have a problem, they seriously dont need it in their face.

I also dont like how we get our children involved in it all.
I understand people see it just as a bit of fun.
But what is the message we are sending to our kids

Am I the only person who has a problem with this

just some of my random cranky-pants thoughts

Sarah xx

Zhu zhu winner!

And the winner of the Zhu Zhu DVD is

NEW winner!!
Jess from Diary of a SAHM


Email  me your details asap and your dvd will be on its way.

Sarah xx

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I heart my body, one day

Ok thought I would be brave and strip for the camera.
Then I thought, it is a cool day and we dont have any heating so I am not going to risk getting too chilly

Plus there is the oh so small fact that I am not that comfortable with being naked-ish

So this is me.

For most of my life I have had issues with liking my body and accepting how I looked.

Growing up it was mainly just my mum and me. My mother had an undiagnosed eating disorder. So it is only natural that I too would develop self-worth issues.
I grew up seeing  my mother call herself fat even though she was seriously underweight.
She hardly ate and when she did eat a lot (by her small standard) she would worry about getting fat.

I didnt develop an eating disorder (as I liked food too much). But as a result of being teased in primary school (because I was thin) and an abusive relationship when I was a young teen, with a much older boy. I would strive to hide my body. My jumpers and shirts would always be XXL. I tried really hard to put on weight to help hide my body too.

It has only been in about the last 10 years that I have started to wear clothing that is more true to my size.  I honestly cant say I love my body. But I am starting to accept the way things are and learning to be more positive about the way I look.

Also an important part of the journey of learning to love my body is so that my kids can learn to have a positive self image and self worth. As I dont want them growing up the way I did and seeing their mother weigh herself every day.

This is part of the We Heart Life  I heart My Body 2011 link up
Go over and check out some of the other brave women.

Sarah xx

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday- Opportunity

On this Thankful Thursday I am thankful that my little girl was given the opportunity to be assessed for an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This was a big deal, as she only got assessed yesterday as they had a spare spot. Autism Spectrum Australia  (ASPECT) only come out this way once a year. And there are so many boxes you have to tick to get seen. One was parent must have a health care card. This was the problem. My kids have cards but I don't. We are on an income where we earn too much to get one but not enough to be classed as high income earners. That annoying middle ground.

Anyway, they had a space. So someone would assess her.

During the assessment they try to interact with the child and to play with them and see what they do with certain toys. Well all I can say is that The Princess performed to her true self.  As the assessor said "she has an aversion to dolls". The Princess had no idea what she was expected to do with the doll or the little family to play house. But she did know how to spin the coloured CD spinner on the table.
And she was very happy to talk to the assessor about the colour green and the number 3. (Yes  having a real thing for the colour green and the number 3 is classed as a bit odd.) But she didn't have too much else to say.

After the play session I was interviewed and asked a lot of questions.

So The Princess is now officially on the Autism Spectrum. Not sure exactly where on the spectrum, will have to wait till the report comes out. But really it doesn't matter, where she falls on the spectrum. The spectrum is huge and every child is different.

So I got the diagnoses so what now????
Nothing really. Our day to day life wont change too much as I have been thinking of her as been on the spectrum for over a year now. All it means is that we will get the funding we need and that The Miner now has to learn to accept it.

Oh and lastly not only was I thankful of The Princess been assessed, but the fantastic staff member from our Early Intervention who sat in with us.

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Sarah xx

Monday, October 24, 2011

The ASD week ahead

This week is a big week in our household.

The Princess has an appointment with ASPECT for her Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis, or not.

I am fully prepared for her to be given the diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome, just like her brother Mr Magoo.

If she doesn't get a diagnosis at all......

Fair to say I will be devastated.

Lots of things point to her having Aspergers syndrome

She has an extremely high IQ in non verbal memory but it drops dramatically once verbal skills are needed.
At home she talks and talks and talks.
But when out people don't hear much at all and I am often asked if she talks at all.
Or if she becomes overwhelmed language stops or goes to a tiny whisper
If given a number of choices, she just falls apart.
If too much food is on her plate she becomes overwhelmed and just doesn't know where to start.
Most meals out she ends up sitting under the table.
There is an order the kids have to get in the car.
She has MAJOR sensory issues
We have days where she just lays on the floor and screams and says mumma mumma over and over again
She wakes up often before 4am. And if I don't get up with her she will SCREAM and not stop.
We watch her Santa Dora DVD just about everyday
She puts everything in her mouth and chews things up
We have to keep her finger nails short as she likes to scratch and pinch
On Saturday she screamed for over 1 1/2 hours because I forgot to take her a banana to eat after swimming.

And I could go on
You know what.
 All of the above is just a typical day for us

I don't want my child to have a label
But I do want to get her the help she needs
And for that to happen she needs that label

So this week is a big week for our family

Sarah xx

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Zhu Zhu DVD Review and Giveaway

Last year I got our family a little Zhu Zhu pet. Mainly to see what all the fuss was about. Well the kids loved this little creature. Sadly he actually didn't last long. His little legs (wheels) just wore out, but he still makes all the cute sounds
Due to the fact ours didn't last very long at all I haven't been willing to buy another one. (except for yesterday in a moment of weakness and finding them a bit cheap)
Anyhow when we were offered by the lind people at Universal Pictures (Australasia)  the chance to review the latest Zhu Zhu DVD I jumped at the chance.


The Quest for Zhu

The kids were really excited to watch this DVD.
Mr Magoo seemed to enjoy the movie. Except there are some scary parts, but he didn't ask for it to be turned off. Which is pretty huge

The Princess, liked it till it got scary then she just couldn't cope. So she didnt watch anymore and just complained that I hadnt yet turned it off.

Post movie when asked by their dad how it was. Mr Magoo said he really liked it.

I think this is a great movie for those who love the whole Zhu Zhu world. It gives a good message about friendship and working together, all while being on a fantastic adventure.  Plus there are some cool songs too.
And it does end up all happy at the end.

So to be in the running to win a copy of this DVD
Tell me:
Why you want this DVD so much?

As the word on the street is that most parents find these little creature annoying

This giveaway ends on Monday the 31st October 2011
Winner will be announced on Tuesday the 1st November 2011
This is open to oz residents
I was given a copy of this dvd for free to review.
I was not paid. And all opinions are mine.
A huge thank you to Universal Pictures (Australasia)

Good Luck!

Sarah xx

Monday, October 17, 2011

Only 164 Days to go

Last night I tossed and turned. I couldn't sleep
My brain was in full panic mode.
The Digital Parents Conference 2012  is only 164 days away

In my head I was trying to figure how I could get out of going.
Kicking myself for buying a ticket.
Really kicking myself for asking someone to sponsor me.

I cant do this.
I can't go to down to melbourne and be with REAL Bloggers.
You know the ones who manage to post nearly every day.
Compared to me who is lucky to manage a couple of post a week
And usually it is only with another bloggers link- up

I will be travelling
I will be staying somewhere new
Lots of things will be just too new for me

New is not something I really like

There will be lots of people
Eeeek I dont do people too well either

This is all fairly normal for me.
Most events or daily activities where I have to talk to other people causes anxiety.
Even meeting up with friends,  my brain starts racing a few days before trying to figure out how I can get out of it. I hope the kids or I become sick so I have a reason for us not to go.

Hell this is going to be a long 164 days if every night will be like this.

Sarah  xx

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday- its a new day

This is a pic of Mr Magoo and his rabbit... Rabbity.

Today I am thankful that today is today and that yesterday is over.
On Tuesday Rabbity got sick,
A trip to the vet revealed she had an ear infection which had gotten into her brain.
She was given lots of drugs and told it could go either way.
Yesterday lunchtime she started to fit and by the time we got to the vet she had passed away.

So today I am so thankful that yesterday is over.

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Sarah xx

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Winner

The winner of this fantastic DVD is....


Congratulations. I am sure your girls will love this one!

Thank you for all of you that entered. I loved reading your comments.

Sarah xx

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Things I know - Sunday

Things I know on this Sunday

I know on Sundays I try to have them as lazy days

I know that on Sundays I do my best to not leave the house.

I know that I dont really think shops should open on Sundays.

I know I bought my ticket to a very big event that is happening at the end of March next year!!!

I have a giveaway for a Mickey Mouse DVD here and it only has 1 day to go!

I know I love Sundays, just because

For more things others know go HERE !!!!

Sarah xx

Friday, October 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday- new life

This week I am thankful for new life.

As here on our farm we have chicks hatching and oh my they are so cute.

I love been able to live here and provide an experience to my children where they see life cycles first hand.

Here is Crazy with her chick peeping out (take note of the nappy box, if you look in Kate's photos you will spot nappy boxes in there too)

This is Heny and a chick peeping out from the back

If you look carefully you can see 2 chicks looking out from their mothers feathers

If you have things to be Thankful for go over and see      Kate says stuff (and see if you can see how she reuses nappy boxes)

Sarah xx

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mickey mouse Clubhouse review and giveaway

The lovely people at Porter Novelli. Sent me the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Super Silly Adventures DVD to watch with my kiddies

I honestly wasn't at all sure how it would go down as The Princess has a thing for her Santa Dora DVD and it can be hard to get a different DVD into the machine to watch without a meltdown.
And Mr Magoo is temperamental on the best of days reguarding a new DVD

Well I seriously had nothing to worry about. They both really liked this DVD. And it has been requested many times since.
I loved this DVD as there were no scary parts. Which is a real problem for Mr Magoo. He finds most kids movies too scary. Which can be a bit of a challenge

I had to laugh at Mr Magoo who would yell out "oh doodle" at the top of his voice. He eventually worked out it is "oh toodle" they say on the show

So I have one of these DVDs to giveaway

To be in the running leave a comment below and tell me:

 what is the best word mix up your child has come out with?

This is only open to Australian residents
And make sure I can find your email address or I will do a re-draw

Entries close Monday the 10 th of October, and I will post the winners details on my blog, facebook page and on twitter sometime on tuesday (as long as those Internet gods dont go on strike)

I was given a free sample copy of this DVD and all coments are my own. A massive thank you to Porter Novelli for working with me. :)

Sarah xx

Things I know -random

Here are some random things I know this week

I do know that I wrote this up on Saturday afternoon, but then the net crashed so I am now posting it on Sunday afternoon

I know I set up a messy painting activity today (just after lunch)
I know the kids werent that interested
I know now late in the afternoon that they want to do it.
I know they just dont get what my problem is with them doing it now and not earlier.

I know it is a rainy long weekend

I know we have 1  chick hatched and hopefully more to come.

I know I made scones with jam and cream for afternoon tea

I know we are having sausages, mash, carrots and peas and gravey on this very cold night

I know that Daylight saving starts tonight
And I know that will just mess with everyones head and sleep cycles.

For more things others know, go over and see Shae at Yay for Home

Sarah xx

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday- my children

This thursday I am thankful for my two children.

The other day a friend said to me

"I feel sorry for you having to deal with your two all day. It is hard enough that I have mine of a night"

I was dumbstruck, what do you say to that.

Yes my two have issues and at times are hard work
They are what makes me a mum
They are little special people who help me to stop and smell the flowers
To help me notice the little things of life
They make me laugh everyday.

And they are only little for such a little time

I am one of those mothers who cant imagine a day without seeing their smiling faces.

I may love their day care days, but I do miss them and cant wait to pick them up.

So this Thursday I am thankful for just having my two children.
They make my world go round.

This week Thankful Thursday is over at Diary of a SAHM so go check it out

Sarah xx

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday, Fiji flowers

Fiji flowers

Just some pics of the beautiful flowers I snapped while we were in Fiji last month.

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Sarah xx

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday- R U OK

So today is RUOK? Day
It is also a Thankful Thursday so I thought I would blend the two

So I am thankful for great organisations such as RUOK? to help promote and encourage people to say to each other R U OK?
In our society there is such a stigma around depression, mental health and suicide. That many people prefer to think we all live in that happy land.
Well you know what we dont all live in that happy land and it is just so important that we check in with each other and say
Hey are you ok?

Currently today I can  say
Yes I think I am ok. 
I suffer from depression and have a mental illness but today I am doing ok.

As part of todays RUOK? Day I looked at myself to check that I was ok. And I think it is something we all need to do. We need to take 5 minutes and question ourselves honestly  and ask Am I Ok?

So on this Thankful Thursday I am thankful for RUOK? Day

I am thankful for Bunnings in getting some plants in to help my garden grow and improve my own mental health.

But I am NOT thankful to whichever dog is sitting next to me with REALLY bad wind. Which is not good for my health in general.

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For really great, touching honest stories go over to My Big Nutshell for the RUOK? blog hop

Sarah xx

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Things I know- a drs visit

This week I know a few things from my previously mentioned impending Drs visit

I know
On Thursday I went to the Drs with 2 little people in tow.
The Dr (who on a good day runs at an hour late) was only about 20 min late
The Princess without fail does the most horrid clear the room poo in her nappy just 5 minutes before been called in
The mother (me) without fail left the nappy bag in the car.
The Princess does this WITHOUT FAIL at EVERY Drs appt.
The Mother (me again)  WITHOUT FAIL leaves the nappy bag in the car
On that rare occasion I feel like been a pack horse and taking the nappy bag with me. She does nothing.

I also know from that Drs visit, that
I have suspected Carpal tunnel syndrome
That the splints I am hopefully picking up today cosy $45 each
I maybe should have gone to the Drs about this pins and needles in my hands when it first started happening (ummmm well over 12 moths ago)

I also know I got a lot of pieces of paper for vaious more tests to be done
So I know I need a medical $$$$$ tree.

I also know excitedly that I got the letter to go see my gyno/ivf specalist/ob
So we can go for baby number 3 next year
I know that some days I am crazy to think about having a 3rd
But most days I know it is just so exciting that I just cant wait!!!!!

Wow I know a lot of ramblings this week, just from a drs visit.
For more Things people know go over and see Shae from Yay for Home

Sarah xx

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday- Other mothers

Other Mothers

This morning was one of thise mornings.
Mr Magoo wasnt feeling well (a result of sensory overload from our Sydney trip)
The Princess told me she wasnt sick but didnt want to go to school (day-care)

So the result ment no OT or day-care for the day. So out the window goes my oh so busy day of food shopping, cleaning and catch up stuff. And come later today I will have to drag these 2 to my Drs appt that I have needed to wait for weeks for.

I grumbled to my SIL, she offers to come and look after the kids so I can go alone to the Drs and to do the shopping. She lives over 2 hours away.  How fantastic is that sort of offer.  Of course I told her no. But somehow it made me feel a bit better that someone would come to my aid. (Did I mention she has 6 kids and a super busy life)

Then taking 5 minutes out to catch up on a few blogs I found this post It is from the wonderful Naomi from Seven Cherubs
Please go read it. It is one of those posts that make you feel like a normal mother. All mothers have those moments of pure exhaustion and we all cry. Plus read the comments. More reminders of how all mothers have our moments.

So today on this Thankful Thursday I am thankful to other mothers and helping me to feel normal.

For more thankful thursdays go over and check out Kate's link up.

Sarah xx

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Thursday

In all honestly I will be so thankful if this post gets posted.

Yes I have been quiet,
 the reason is

I live in the 2% of Australia that has CRAP Internet service. And for the last two weeks it has been excelling itself in the crap-o-meter.

Officially I dont live in that 2% but due to a hill somewhere over there ????? it causes us to have crap internet.
Oh and mobile phone service is crap too. (I am one of those people who walks around the house texting people and between messages waving the phone round in the air trying to get it sent and please dont all in winter as it is so cold standing outside to talk)
sad but true.

Oh and it is the first day of SPRING   YAY so that is enought reason in itself to be

Go over and see Kate (she has exciting news) and also see what others have to be thankful for on this fine Thursday.

Just adding that I am thankful for uploading a pic for this post yay (huge step forward in putting out a post)

Sarah xx

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Grateful for a few things

Just a few little things to be grateful for this week.

The TV fairy, who came and fixed the broken tv. (all I know is we came back home and turned the tv on and it worked)

A trip to Westmead Children's Hospital always makes you grateful. You always see children who make your heart break and you think life can be so unfair.  You become thankful that you are only visiting for a minor check-up and in a couple of hours you will be walking out the front doors again.

Also grateful that Mr Magoo is at an age where he can give prior warning that he is going to vomit. (very handy to know as you are walking off a plane)

Go and see Maxabella loves for more things grateful

Sarah xx

Alice in Wonderland Winner

I loved this comp as it was a joy reading what your fav movies and books were.

Anyway the winner is (as picked by
Number 6

which is......

raelene graham

Email me your details and I will forward them on

Sarah xx