Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blog Time

I have  a problem.
The time I tend to be at my writing best is just not the best time for the restof the house hold.
The words seem to flow best round 11am and in the afternoon. But this just doesnt seem to fit in with our daily life.
I seem to score good blocks of time at 5am-ish and late at night. But my brain just seem to work so well. 5 am seems to be when I just sit with a cuppa and chill reading other blogs. Night, by the time I do all that needs doing I am usually ready to crash.

Maybe I just need to train my brain to be able to type at all hours, can you do that?

Maybe if I set blog-time into a set time, ?????

Well this is a post of rambles.

Oh and do old dogs get really stinky wind like old people.??
As our old Minty really stinks but her diet is the same as it always has been.
Right now while typing this her stench is very distracting.
Poor old gal.
(The bog must think she is special since it decided to post the pic twice???)

Sarah xx

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Anonymous said...

I have the same problem. Someone asked me if I was a morning or a night person not so long ago, and I had to answer that I am somewhere in between. Early mornings and late nights don't work late for me, but are the only time I can get. Please let me know if you find your solution...