Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Do something nice

It is starting to feel like the world is ending. There is just so much tragedy  happening in the world right now and it is not stoppable as it is the hands of mother nature.

I am getting the strong feeling that she is not happy with how we are taking care of her planet, which in all honesty we aren't doing too much of a good job. (looking at the grand scale of things)

Things in the world are not what I call balanced.
Mankind seems to take, take and take.
We take from mother nature
We take from each other
We just take

I feel the need to right the balance

If just one person does one nice, unselfish thing,
then that just one simple act is an act of positive energy
that WILL make one positive influence and will help
someonesomewhere at sometime in the world.

So how do we make a positive change

Be inspired by what others do

Corrie at retromummy talks about 40-bags-for-40-days as part of her lent
From this I am going to do a clean out and give things to charity. (doubt I could do the 40 bags) but I know we have just too much stuff so I am giving it to others.

Shae at yay for home talks about  simple-pleasures-pass-it-on where you give the gift of a meal or food to a friend. Such as when a new baby is born. I have posted about this before here
I find this such a powerful, yet simple gesture.

These are just two examples but other things could include

plant a tree
give a gift of a plant
offer help to a complete stranger at the shops
give a thankyou card or a hello card to someone
pick up one piece of rubbish instead of just walking by it

But one of the most simple of things you can do for someone is


giving a smile to a complete stranger can really lift their day.

Simple gestures can and do and will make a difference to someone, somewhere at sometime in the world.

You may not get to see the difference but that is not the point.

You will know within you did something.

So share some kindness and do something nice.

Do you have any ideas on how you can do something nice to try to right the balance?

Sarah xx

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