Monday, March 21, 2011

I am grateful for..... my sister-in-law

This week I am grateful for

My sister-in-law


A few things about Caz

She is a supermum.
She has 6 kids
She and the kids are organised
She has a tidy house
She has this infectious energy
She is a girl full of bubbles
She can find the positive from nearly any situation
She is kind in the most heartful way.
She will open her door and invite you in
She just doesnt think about stuff, she gets up and gets things done

But why I am so grateful and will be forever grateful

In the last week she has cleaned and packed up mum's house and all her stuff.
This is a job that I have been trying to do for the last 10 months since mum passed. And to be honest I had not got too far at all. As for me every piece of paper held a memory. And plus each time I faced all these things I would just not function that well at all.

So for that I am grateful for.  Forever.

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