Saturday, March 26, 2011

Things I know

Finding a dead snake in the backyard makes your heart stop.

Not being able to find the snake id book to id the snake is frustrating.

Finding a dead rat in the backyard makes you feel seriously ill.

My dogs are pretty good snake, rat and mice catches

(yes realise this is a pic of them not in action and yes there is a cat in the middle)

Not having gumboots on a farm is just really silly.

Sneakers do not keep moisture out

I plan to spend a chunk of my weekend here in my sewing spot

My kids are the best of friends.

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shae said...

I'm glad you have dogs to get the nasties!

Thanks for joining in

Anonymous said...

Dead snake in the middle of the yard...........couldnt we make a song out of that??? :P


Unknown said...

love the sibling thing, they fight, but boy do they love too