Saturday, April 30, 2011

Things I know- post easter

Things I know from our easter, long weekend

I wore my new  gumboots A LOT

My kids expecienced life and death on the farm
with the passing of a lamb which we had tried to save

the purchase of some chicks and a duckling

the confirmation that Quackers is sitting on a nest of eggs.

It dont matter how cold it is

Kids are still keen to do an easter egg hunt

even before the sun has fully risen.

That chocolate vomit is a new level of gross

This is what The Princess looks like the next day after a choc vomiting night

That when the tv keeps going on and on about a 5 day long weekend
It means
That day-care IS NOT OPEN on the tuesday.
So best not drive the 30 minutes there to find this out

Oh and only a couple of days left to enter My Tangled giveaway

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Sarah xx

Thursday, April 28, 2011

a bit of a mess

My creative space this week.....

is all a bit of a mess

some french knot practice

some softies need to be assembled

some wrapping paper stamped
So a bit of this and a bit of that
(no wonder I never finish anything off)

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Sarah xx

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wordless wednesday new boots

Not really my style but I needed gumboots asap

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Sarah xx

Dont forget my giveaway here

Monday, April 25, 2011

Things I know

Things I know

I have a new logo

4 chicks and 1 duckling...smells

I have a new logo

Chocolate creates different affects on different people.

I have a new logo

I have a tangled dvd giveaway

I have a new logo

I have a lot of blog posts in my head.

I have a new logo

I need to finish off my list of 101 things in 1001 days so I can make a start.

Did I mention
I have a new logo

And I know my logo wont upload. GRRRRRRR

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Sarah xx

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tangled review and giveaway

What can I say
I loved this movie.

Mr Magoo didnt but only because he realised it was a "movie" so he refused to watch it. (Yes I am the only mother of a 5 year old who hates movies)

The Princess refered to it as the scary movie and only watched the first half of it (twice) And during that time gave a running commentary on who liked who and who didnt like who and who was scary (including  the mean horse) (yes she has just turned 3)

But I am doing the review so my opinion counts and
I loved it.
I was actually so super excited to get a copy to review as I had wanted to see it at the movies but as mentioned above I have a child who refuses to go. So since I had wanted so badly to see it before I jumpped at thie opportunity.

Tangled has a modern day twist on the Rapunzel fairy tale.
I loved how in this Disney film the girl in the story can kick ass when needed.  In todays world I love to see such role models for my own Princess. (and for anyone who knows, we call her a Princess very tongue-in-cheek)

The side characters help make the film like Pascal the chameleon and Maximus the horse. Then the hero of the story is Flynn Rider, he just cracks me up.

During the movie I laughed (a lot) and even actually cried at one moment.  (yes I am sad I know) I loved it and I am sure the little people in your life will too

So if you would like to win a copy of the  Tangled dvd (which will be released on the 11th of May)

Tell me who you think is a positive role model for little girls in todays world.?

For an extra entry find me on facebook and like me there and come back here and tell me you did
And for another chance to win do the same on twitter.

Sorry it is only open to Australian Residents.

I will be picking a winner on Monday the 2nd of May

Disclosure: I received a complimentary review copy of the DVD courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment via Aussie Mummy Bloggers. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

Sarah xx

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

lightening bolt moment

On the weekend I had a major lightening bolt moment.
There has been something in the back of my mind.
You know that little thought that floats around, pops it's head up here and there but you dont take too much notice of.
Well in the last week that little something has been starting to actually slap me in the head and say
look at me, take notice
this is important.

But did I take it seriously
no not really,
it stayed as a maybe, what if, nah couldnt be thought.

Then on Friday Mr Magoo (who has Asperger's) did it.

He said:
" I am going to keep this easter egg wrapper for art and craft"

not a groundbreaking sentence


in an instant I went back to my childhood.
I remembered how I use to keep ALL of my easter egg wrappers.
I remembered
 all the little quirks I had as a child
all the quirks I had growing up
all the quirks I have as an adult.

Then the lightening bolt moment hit!

I think (fairly positive) I am on the Autism Spectrum. (I believe I have Asperger's)

If  I look at myself as a person with having Asperger's
my life makes sense.
I understand why I do the things I do
I struggle with the things that I struggle with.

My life now makes sense
to me.

Have you ever had a lightening bolt moment?

Sarah xx

Friday, April 8, 2011

Things I know

Hearing a "We love you" from Mr Magoo is just such a magical thing.

My emotions all just all over the place.

The Miner started his business this week.

My business is still yet to be launched (sigh)

Nights are fairly good when The Miner is on night-shift

Days are really hard when The Miner is trying to sleep.

Mr Magoo is getting an ipad

I have high hopes of sharing Mr Magoo's ipad.

Tonight I hope to get some sewing done

I now know (after 2 years) actually how to use the net from my phone.

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. 13 years is a long time.

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Sarah xx

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I have a winner

For the Mickey Mouse DVD it is.......


For the Handy Manny DVD it is.....


Congratulations  Kirsty ,
you have won both dvds!!!

Can you contact me with your address.

Sarah xx

Sunday, April 3, 2011


This week I am grateful for spiders.

Now I am not really a fan of this eight legged creature.
But when they create such beautiful artworks like these,


you kinda have to be a bit of a fan and a bit grateful

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Sarah xx

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Things I know

That man flu is real and I was dealing with it Thursday.

That mummy flu kicked in Friday and I managed to multi-task

Head colds affect my ability to type

Having more than 1 email address is time consuming

I have lost my cooking mojo

I am currently not the queen of my household (I dont even think I would make it as a scullery maid)

I am getting a little bit frustrated at not being listened to by particular people

Being greeted with this in the morning just has to inspire you

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Sarah xx