Monday, April 11, 2011

lightening bolt moment

On the weekend I had a major lightening bolt moment.
There has been something in the back of my mind.
You know that little thought that floats around, pops it's head up here and there but you dont take too much notice of.
Well in the last week that little something has been starting to actually slap me in the head and say
look at me, take notice
this is important.

But did I take it seriously
no not really,
it stayed as a maybe, what if, nah couldnt be thought.

Then on Friday Mr Magoo (who has Asperger's) did it.

He said:
" I am going to keep this easter egg wrapper for art and craft"

not a groundbreaking sentence


in an instant I went back to my childhood.
I remembered how I use to keep ALL of my easter egg wrappers.
I remembered
 all the little quirks I had as a child
all the quirks I had growing up
all the quirks I have as an adult.

Then the lightening bolt moment hit!

I think (fairly positive) I am on the Autism Spectrum. (I believe I have Asperger's)

If  I look at myself as a person with having Asperger's
my life makes sense.
I understand why I do the things I do
I struggle with the things that I struggle with.

My life now makes sense
to me.

Have you ever had a lightening bolt moment?

Sarah xx


Anonymous said...

ohhh yes.......quite a few yrs ago now but it was when I worked out that I had all suddenly fell into place.


Kate said...

Wow! Is there more aspergers around now than when were kids do you think or was it always there we just didn't have a name for it?
I can't think of a light bulb moment right now but I'll be sure to think of you next time I do.
I wonder what difference to your life yours will have.

Veronica Foale said...

I'm pretty sure I'm on the spectrum too. Heh, it's not until you notice the behaviours in your kids, that you pay attention to them in yourself!