Sunday, April 3, 2011


This week I am grateful for spiders.

Now I am not really a fan of this eight legged creature.
But when they create such beautiful artworks like these,


you kinda have to be a bit of a fan and a bit grateful

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Sarah xx


Maxabella said...

I feel the same way. I don't really mind the Andrews and the Orbs. They make beautiful webs and they're not 'scuttley' like some spiders. Wolf and Huntsman, shudder. Funnel webs, eeeeek!! x

melissa said...

I can appreciate their usefulness, and their 'cleverness', as long as they stay outside and well away from me.

Oh, and I'd prefer it if they didn't KEEP rebuilding a web across our path so I walk through it EVERY day. eeek

Amy Keep said...

They are SO beautiful when they're outside and I don't run the risk of walking through them and having to do the 'omg I just walked through a spider web, ick, get it off, get it off, omg, is there a spider in my hair? down my shirt? ick ick' dance.