Saturday, April 30, 2011

Things I know- post easter

Things I know from our easter, long weekend

I wore my new  gumboots A LOT

My kids expecienced life and death on the farm
with the passing of a lamb which we had tried to save

the purchase of some chicks and a duckling

the confirmation that Quackers is sitting on a nest of eggs.

It dont matter how cold it is

Kids are still keen to do an easter egg hunt

even before the sun has fully risen.

That chocolate vomit is a new level of gross

This is what The Princess looks like the next day after a choc vomiting night

That when the tv keeps going on and on about a 5 day long weekend
It means
That day-care IS NOT OPEN on the tuesday.
So best not drive the 30 minutes there to find this out

Oh and only a couple of days left to enter My Tangled giveaway

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Sarah xx


Marita said...

Chocolate vomit :: eew ::

My girls flatly refused to go outside for their easter egg hunt, it was too cold :D Finally they are starting to show some sense.

shae said...

I'm SO buying a pair of those funky gumboots!

Cate said...

Gr8 things to know!!! Love those gumboots! And my hubby came home with one of those climbing igloo-looking things the other day (little toddler person at our house had soooooo much fun!!).
Sorry about the lamb. And the vomit :-(