Friday, May 6, 2011

Things I know- birthday

Joining in with Shae with Things I know

Today is my birthday

This is a cookbook I requested.

I love this style of cookbook (fun, lots of photos, drawings, stories etc)

Here is the card I got.
I love it but suspect it may be my mother's day card, so maybe on sunday I will get a birthday card

Sunday is mother's day

Sunday will be my first mother's day without a mother
On tuesday it will be the first anniversary of my own mother's passing.

This is currently The Princess's favourite book "Mr Bgee"

This is a train ride to nowhere with Mr Magoo

This is where a lot of my time, energy and emotions are being spent.
Rattles (the twin of the lamb we lost at easter) who is very runty.
(I know cleaning up a fly-blown lamb seriously turns ya stomach)

We had a visit from Jack frost last night.

I know that all this photos were taken this morning.

Sarah xx


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday my friend!!!!

shae said...

Happy birthday! And much love to you on mothers day xoxo

Leah said...

Happy Birthday!! Looks like a great book. Hope things aren't too rough this Sunday and Tuesday xx

Marita said...

Belated happy birthdays.

The frost pictures look amazing.