Sunday, May 15, 2011

Things I know

I know the last week has been extreamly busy

We had a mothers day picnic lunch in our loungeroom

This is a snowman I built when I was 5, which my mother had kept.
So on the 1st anniversary of her passing I took it out to her (tuesday morning)

The next afternoon we had snow (wednesday afternoon)

The next morning we woke to this (thursday morning)

The ducks had never seen snow, which sent them into a bit of a panic

Mushroom the cat got a bit stuck and confused

How our front yard looked

 And this is the only pic of the kids I took with the snow (bad mummy moment)

I am joing in with Shae from Yay for Home with Things I know

Sarah xx


shae said...

Gosh look at all that snow! In May!

This winter is going to be brutal...

katepickle said...

wow snow!
I am pretty sure it snowed on the mountain we look out at on Thursday, but not enough to stay on the ground. My big kids are desperate it for it to snow here like it did for you!

Deborah said...

That's a long time to keep a snowman.. and a poignant reason to bring it out...I'm getting cold just looking at your snow.