Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things I know

Things I know

I have not looked at my blog since my last post
I did not know the pic was not uploaded the way I would have liked.
I now know this and have fixed it.

I have had, had the flu
I have had some wonderful get well wishes from other bloggers
I love the blog community.

Since last Friday we have had a vomiting & gastro bug in the house
I know today is Wednesday and we are just seeing the last signs of it
I know my figers are crossed on that one.

I know it snowed a week ago
it was so cold
I know today seems to look like a fairly nice sunny winters day

I know my post is a bit rambling but
I know I have made it to the computer screen and that is an achievement!

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Unknown said...

gastro bugs are just the worst, glad you're starting to see the end of the sickness tunnel ;)

Hope you feel 100% soon :)

Anonymous said...

you poor thing.

sending healing thoughts yourway.