Saturday, July 9, 2011

Grateful for heating

This week I am grateful for fairly simple things in life.

Heating. Oh gosh it is so cold at the moment. Today outside our back door I doubt we have passed zero
So I am so very thankful for our gas heater wheich has been on all day.

Also the blogging world which gives me just so much

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Sarah xx


Maxabella said...

We have this piddly little electric heater chugging away against the cold. To be honest, we are so used to rugging up around our place that we hardly notice. The house is very well insulated but there is a lot of glass, so it does feel the pinch! I would love to have central heating, but I guess my pocket and the earth thanks me that I don't. x

jody said...

Oh i could not live without my heating! And love this blogging community! :)

mumsarcade said...

We had an Artic Winter last year so I well remember the pain of being cold especially as we ran out of heating oil too.
Blogging - well is is such a lovely thing to do and gives sanity all the time

G said...

I totally agree! We have a fire in our flat which can be difficult to start so sometimes we resort to hot water bottles stuffed down our jerseys (haha) .. and agree too about the blogging world, so many lovely people here. x

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

This post made me smile as I am literally sitting on my heater right now! :)