Sunday, July 3, 2011

Grateful for

This week I feel I have to be grateful for my little family unit
The kids still may be a bit sick with this never ending vomiting, gastro bug

The Miner may be a bit grumpy from lack of sleep
And I may still be unorganised messy all over the place me
But we still have our little family unit and we are kinda happy with where our life is right now

Oh I also have to be grateful for our new iPad. Which technically is Mr Magoos but I am just loving it and thinking I may have to buy my own. Cause this blogging in bed with an iPad is so much easier than what it is with the laptop.

For many more grateful posts go over and see Maxabella loves

Sarah xx

1 comment:

Maxabella said...

So sorry to hear that you've all been unwell - but great that you've rallied!

I am tempted to request an iPad2 for my birthday this year... but that could finish any contact I have with the outside world completely. Thank god I work and have children otherwise I fear I would have disappeared into the ether many moons ago!!

Have a great week, Sarah. Hope everyone gets better soon. x