Sunday, July 31, 2011

I am grateful for..... our health system

This week I am Grateful for Australia's health system.

I know, I know our health system has a lot of flaws and needs some serious work


After this weeks emergency dash via ambulance to  hospital (read here)

I realised how lucky we are. I didnt have to worry about how I would pay for, the chest x-ray, the numerous blood tests, the ECG's,  the morphine and other drugs they gave me.
I just had to sign for my medicard number and that was it.

So I guess I am also grateful to our nurses (who need more support) and other medical staff.

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Sarah xx


Seana Smith said...

Hello from Maxabella's Grateful linky, sorry to read about your middle of the night dash to hospital, good that it wasn't something really, really bad like a heart attack. We are so lucky in this coutnry. When people whinge, they have NO IDEA what the medical care is like for the vast majority of people on the planet.

Maxabella said...

I hope everything is okay, Sarah! And you are so right, we all like to complain, but I am so happy to live in a country that cares for its own. x

Broni said...

Hello .. just also from Maxabella's Grateful Link. What a scary experience. I am glad to hear that it wasn't anything like a heart attack.

I agree the Health System isn't perfect but it is good to know that when you need to go to emergency, the support you need is there ... and without needing to zip your credit card first.