Sunday, July 24, 2011

Things I know- happy mail

I know getting snail mail makes my heart sing.
I know getting snail mail puts a bit of a skip in my step as I cant wait to get back into the house to see what has come

I know I entered a giveaway over at My Little Bookcase   I won this fantastic book!

I entered a giveaway over at C Percy Designs  and won these

I know I joined up for a Christmas in July Crad Swap through Withan*E  and Swap-bot  
I sent these 3 cards

I recieved this from the fantastic GnomeAngel

I know I joined up to Postcrossing
And I know I posted these Postcards

I know making a couple of cards was great fun and a good distraction from life

I know I posted a lot of mail this week!

I know more people should send snail mail to give a little bit of sun shine to others!

I know promoting a giveaway on a giveaway site made me think of how I want my blog to be.
I know I want people to come across my blog and like it and read it
I know I dont want people to check out my blog just to try and win stuff

I know this is completely off topic but
I know I have never seen the movie Beauty and the Beast

I also know that having crap internet can mean a post that has a lot of pics and links can take over 3 days to do.

For more things other know go over to Yay for Home

Sarah xx


ladychiara said...

Sarah nothing makes my heart sing like happy mail! I've just joined swapbot and am a little scared it may just become a little addictive. It just shows how the little things in life can mean a lot. I know they make me smile ...just like your blog. Thanks for sharing :)

shae said...

I have been thinking about the direction I want my blog to go as well and I'm of a similar idea to you :)