Saturday, July 30, 2011

Things I know- a hospital dash

From this week I know

I know waking up at 2.30am with crushing chest pains is horrifying
I know it took about  2 min before I decided I needed to wake The Miner
I know I had to order The Miner to call me an ambulance
I know on this request The Miner GOT OUT THE FREAKEN PHONEBOOK
I know I quickly told The Miner to call TRIPLE 000

I know I wanted to die just from the state of the house

I know just prior to the ambulance arriving The Miner decided to help me change into pants from my shorts
I know The Miner didnt think the undies I had on were appropriate.
I know The Miner went on a search for more 'sensible' undies for me to wear
I know if I hadnt of been in such pain the above events would have been more funny.

I know I could go on and on but
I know it gets a bit boring.

I know I wasnt having a heart attack
I know it was reflux related
I know I have to have more testing done.

Oh and I know when rushing out the door into the ambulance make sure you take an ipod for music and an ipad for entertainment.
As I know when the morphine kicks in it can get a bit boring. Though I did take a book

I know that coming home to a nice bed the next day was just wonderful

I know that Things I know is been held somewhere else this week.
So go over to Daisy, Roo and Two to see what others may know!

Sarah xx


posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

OMG, scary!! Last time i had ever been rushed to hospital was the first week we were on a new Army base, i had a crushing migraine & had to wake my handsome soldier to call an ambulance, then i explained he'd just missed 4 hours of vomiting & me in the shower?? Maybe i would have gotten a better reaction if i set off a rocket in the bedroom?? Anyway, the ambulance guys were great, i was coherant & then they promptly got lost in the maze of streets on the base, i didn't know where to go either, i was new, it was 3a.m., i was dying with an exploding head. I lay dying in the ED & the nurses kept coming up to ask me where i got my gorgeous pyjamas (Peter Alexander). I begged my husband not to visit me (with 4 children) & lay happily in a pain killing coma, ahhhh.
So much better than the first time - pregnant with my first born, i had deathly food poisoning & was taken to the horrible public hospital & well, violated to say the least. All ended well in the private hospital until i realised i hadn't brought a change of clothes & only grabbed my coin purse, not even my mobile phone, my husband was away & i had to leave the hospital in a hospital gown & told the cab driver i only had $15 (& no shoes). I was so lucky it was a $14.50 fare.
OMG, too scary, glad you're well & came home to a neat & tidy home. I too would think, is the lounge room presentable, mid chest pain, love Posie

Kirsty @ My Home Truths said...

That would have been so scary for you - very glad it was not a heart attack and I hope further testing helps you out. Take care! Kirsty @ My Home Truths

Daisy, Roo and Two said...

I am glad you are feeling better! That would have been frightening. And I too would have been worried about the state of my house and "sensible" undies, lol!

Anonymous said...

you poor thing.Im glad you are doing brtter.lots of gentle hugs