Sunday, July 3, 2011

Things I know

I know snow is pretty

I know snow is cold

I know that with having a sick family you can seriously just loose a week or more.

That I used this pic for my Wordless Wednesday and it gave a lot of people a laugh so thought I would post it here to help share the chuckles

A sausage planking!
 as stated by Mr Magoo at the end of tea one night

I know getting a mention on a post from another awersome blogger gives you an instant high
Check here Picklebums.  Thanks Kate

I know that I seriously am loving this new iPad that we have.
I know spending over a week stuck at home with sick kids, and you are sick too and The Miner on night shift at times is pure HELL

I know I am not the only blogger mummy who has been sick. There seems to be a fair bit of it going round

I don't know what to say to a 5 year old Mr Magoo when he asks "what's this mum?" and holds up a tampon that he has brought out from the bathroom
I am equally speechless when a 3 year old Princess asks if I need a mummy nappy and passes out a pad from the bathroom cupboard. ?????
I know that I need to put my personal items in a better spot to avoid any further embrassing questions from the kids

I know crochet is a good pass time when stuck on the lounge with sick kids
I know in the last week I have seen more Spanish speaking annoying kids shows ( Dora & Diego) to last me a lifetime

For more things I know go over and see Shae from Yay for Home

Sarah xx


Anonymous said...

having sicks kids is tough
.......hope they are all better soon.


shae said...

I Know I'm incredibly jealous of your iPad!