Sunday, August 21, 2011

Grateful for a few things

Just a few little things to be grateful for this week.

The TV fairy, who came and fixed the broken tv. (all I know is we came back home and turned the tv on and it worked)

A trip to Westmead Children's Hospital always makes you grateful. You always see children who make your heart break and you think life can be so unfair.  You become thankful that you are only visiting for a minor check-up and in a couple of hours you will be walking out the front doors again.

Also grateful that Mr Magoo is at an age where he can give prior warning that he is going to vomit. (very handy to know as you are walking off a plane)

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Sarah xx

Alice in Wonderland Winner

I loved this comp as it was a joy reading what your fav movies and books were.

Anyway the winner is (as picked by
Number 6

which is......

raelene graham

Email me your details and I will forward them on

Sarah xx

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Grateful for broken tv

Two little people watching tv

Today I am grateful for
a broken tv.

Today our tv has broken a little bit. You can still hear and see the pictures
But it is all in RAINBOW colours, so pretty cant wait to Masterchef tonight to see their colourful chef outfits.

Now I am grateful as I am hoping this will make others in the house more grateful for the things we have.
The Miner (if he wasnt working) would tomorrow go buy a new one. Mr Magoo keeps saying we need to buy a new one (tv has only been on for 1 1/2 hours) and The Princess keeps saying she doesnt like the colours.
My response:

Well get use to it as We Cant Afford One.

Yes we do have some money in the bank account but stuffed if I am going to spend it on a tv right now. We have just paid for a trip to Fiji, which we go to on Friday. We are about to start building our house, and I have a huge pile of bills.

So I am putting my foot down and making us save up the money. We are a shocking at saving up for things. We see, we buy. I hate it but get caught up in The Miner's excitment. But this time I am going to and stick it out.

So this week I am grateful for the lesson I hope a broken tv gives my family.

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Sarah xx

Friday, August 5, 2011

Things I know - Fiji

This week I am joining in with

This week I know that this time next week we will be in

So I know

I know someone else is going  to do the cooking for me
I know someone else will clean for me
I know someone will make my bed for me

I know we plan to do not much at all
I know we will swim
I know we will play on a beach

I know that going on a sunny holiday mid winter means you have to accept that you may have gained a few extra kgs

I know I have to find everyones summer clothes and check we all have things that fit

I know it has been 18months since the kids last flew so they are a bit excited

I know you can also win a copy of Alice in Wonderland here

I know you can go over here to see what Shae and other know

Sarah xx

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Review & Giveaway

Have you seen where that white rabbit went?

We have a new favourite DVD in this house

and I am excited

My kids loved this  which is great as it was a favourite when I was a child.
So the week my kids were sick I didnt mind watching it each day (sure was better that listening to 2 spanish speaking characters that my kids seem to love so much)

The book is a classic, which I so love.
 And now this classic movie has been brought back to life on blu-ray/dvd and it is just wonderful to live the story again. As much as I love the new Disney movies that come out there is just something special about the oldies. And the fact that both my kids would watch it, just made my heart sing.

I have a copy of this DVD to be given away

To be in the running for this leave a comment telling me 2 things

What was you favourite movie as a child?
What is your favourite classic book?

Edited to add (knew I had forgotten an important detail)
The winner will be drawn on the 20th August 2011

Australian residents only

Disclosure: I received a complimentary DVD review copy courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and Porter Novelli via Digital Parents. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.
Sarah xx

Creative Space

I have been busy making

Apple cosys

I have been playing with the pattern (both on purpose and accidently) to try and get it to fit the apples better.
I worked out I need to figure out 2 different sizes as the apples found in my house come in many different sizes.

Joining in with Our Creative Spaces So make yourself a cuppa and got check out some other creative spaces (you wont be dissapointed)

Sarah xx

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- water tanks

These may be just big green water tanks to some
But for those of us who live out of town these are our lifeline

And on a Friday afternoon to discover they are empty due to a leak
It fills your mind with serious horror

joining in with My Little Drummer Boys      for wordless wednesday

Sarah xx