Sunday, August 7, 2011

Grateful for broken tv

Two little people watching tv

Today I am grateful for
a broken tv.

Today our tv has broken a little bit. You can still hear and see the pictures
But it is all in RAINBOW colours, so pretty cant wait to Masterchef tonight to see their colourful chef outfits.

Now I am grateful as I am hoping this will make others in the house more grateful for the things we have.
The Miner (if he wasnt working) would tomorrow go buy a new one. Mr Magoo keeps saying we need to buy a new one (tv has only been on for 1 1/2 hours) and The Princess keeps saying she doesnt like the colours.
My response:

Well get use to it as We Cant Afford One.

Yes we do have some money in the bank account but stuffed if I am going to spend it on a tv right now. We have just paid for a trip to Fiji, which we go to on Friday. We are about to start building our house, and I have a huge pile of bills.

So I am putting my foot down and making us save up the money. We are a shocking at saving up for things. We see, we buy. I hate it but get caught up in The Miner's excitment. But this time I am going to and stick it out.

So this week I am grateful for the lesson I hope a broken tv gives my family.

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Sarah xx

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Daisy, Roo and Two said...

Oh I wouldn't be buying a new TV a week out from Fiji either! And I am the same as you, I get all caught up in Pal's excitement and want want want and buy buy buy and then we are left with no spare cash in case our tv/dishwasher/vacuum cleaner dies! Good luck keeping your foot planted!