Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday- Other mothers

Other Mothers

This morning was one of thise mornings.
Mr Magoo wasnt feeling well (a result of sensory overload from our Sydney trip)
The Princess told me she wasnt sick but didnt want to go to school (day-care)

So the result ment no OT or day-care for the day. So out the window goes my oh so busy day of food shopping, cleaning and catch up stuff. And come later today I will have to drag these 2 to my Drs appt that I have needed to wait for weeks for.

I grumbled to my SIL, she offers to come and look after the kids so I can go alone to the Drs and to do the shopping. She lives over 2 hours away.  How fantastic is that sort of offer.  Of course I told her no. But somehow it made me feel a bit better that someone would come to my aid. (Did I mention she has 6 kids and a super busy life)

Then taking 5 minutes out to catch up on a few blogs I found this post It is from the wonderful Naomi from Seven Cherubs
Please go read it. It is one of those posts that make you feel like a normal mother. All mothers have those moments of pure exhaustion and we all cry. Plus read the comments. More reminders of how all mothers have our moments.

So today on this Thankful Thursday I am thankful to other mothers and helping me to feel normal.

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Sarah xx


No one said...

Other mothers can really ease that sense of, "OMG, is it just me, or is this really hard some days?" It's good to know it's not just you because it can prevent that feeling of somehow not getting what other people get when they make it all look so easy! I don't think you'd find even one mum who doesn't know what it's like and can you all about it, and is willing to offer a help hand because that's what they'd appreciate, too!

I hope the appointment goes smoothly even with two in tow.

Kate said...

What an awesome SIL!! And yes that sense of normalcy when things are tough is SO valuable.

Thanks for linking up S :)

Kellie said...

Wow! How do you score a SIL like that. That's so fabulous. It's gestures like that which go a long way, for sure.
And that's a fabulous post of Naomi's too. x

Lifeasmummymax said...

sounds like a wonderful SIL! Sometimes its all i need to read a blog that makes me think or realise im not alone to turn the day around. Im very thankful for bloggers :)