Saturday, September 10, 2011

Things I know- a drs visit

This week I know a few things from my previously mentioned impending Drs visit

I know
On Thursday I went to the Drs with 2 little people in tow.
The Dr (who on a good day runs at an hour late) was only about 20 min late
The Princess without fail does the most horrid clear the room poo in her nappy just 5 minutes before been called in
The mother (me) without fail left the nappy bag in the car.
The Princess does this WITHOUT FAIL at EVERY Drs appt.
The Mother (me again)  WITHOUT FAIL leaves the nappy bag in the car
On that rare occasion I feel like been a pack horse and taking the nappy bag with me. She does nothing.

I also know from that Drs visit, that
I have suspected Carpal tunnel syndrome
That the splints I am hopefully picking up today cosy $45 each
I maybe should have gone to the Drs about this pins and needles in my hands when it first started happening (ummmm well over 12 moths ago)

I also know I got a lot of pieces of paper for vaious more tests to be done
So I know I need a medical $$$$$ tree.

I also know excitedly that I got the letter to go see my gyno/ivf specalist/ob
So we can go for baby number 3 next year
I know that some days I am crazy to think about having a 3rd
But most days I know it is just so exciting that I just cant wait!!!!!

Wow I know a lot of ramblings this week, just from a drs visit.
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Sarah xx


Rhianna said...

I know I liked your post and I sure am glad that I am not the only mother that never has a nappy bag when she needs it most. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you

No one said...

Good luck for next year! I have been ignoring the pins and needles in my hands for about fifteen years now - so mine can't be affecting me too badly, hahaha! Well done getting that seen to!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh welcome to carpal tunnel syndrome. I had it really bad just as i got pregnant with my 4th baby. I was 28 & sat with the 70 year old factory workers, waiting for my diagnosis from the neurologist. Both hands, bad, that was well over 8 years ago & i'm still a full time crafter, i've been staving off surgery with the use of hand splints at night that long. Hang in there, but good luck changing nappies on a new baby in the middle of the night with flat hands, it's quite the skill!! So glad my little fella slept for 12 hours a night from 3 weeks, my hands were well rested. Love Posie

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh & thanks for your beautiful comments on my blog, you're a doll. Love Posie

Leah said...

Sorry to hear about your CTS. I had it with my first pregnancy and, after my second, I have had chronic pain in my foot which is just subsiding so I can relate! Hope the splints work well. I came over from the TIK linky :)