Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Thursday

In all honestly I will be so thankful if this post gets posted.

Yes I have been quiet,
 the reason is

I live in the 2% of Australia that has CRAP Internet service. And for the last two weeks it has been excelling itself in the crap-o-meter.

Officially I dont live in that 2% but due to a hill somewhere over there ????? it causes us to have crap internet.
Oh and mobile phone service is crap too. (I am one of those people who walks around the house texting people and between messages waving the phone round in the air trying to get it sent and please dont all in winter as it is so cold standing outside to talk)
sad but true.

Oh and it is the first day of SPRING   YAY so that is enought reason in itself to be

Go over and see Kate (she has exciting news) and also see what others have to be thankful for on this fine Thursday.

Just adding that I am thankful for uploading a pic for this post yay (huge step forward in putting out a post)

Sarah xx


Lifeasmummymax said...

My internet drops out every night when i sit down to blog. Its unbelievably annoying! I agree spring is reason to be thankful :)

Kate said...

So glad you got your post up Sarah, that would drive me nuts!

And thank you for linking up :) Hooray Spring!

No one said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you that the internet played along to get this post posted! Crap internet sucks! My mum lives in a beautiful part of the with fairly crap internet - I hope somethings get done about your reception soon!

EssentiallyJess said...

I'm thankful for you! Horrible reception is terrible! A bloggers worst nightmare!

Anonymous said...

Ew, how frustrating for you! Yay for sprng, hope it makes things a bit easier (and phone calls a bit warmer.)