Saturday, October 29, 2011

I heart my body, one day

Ok thought I would be brave and strip for the camera.
Then I thought, it is a cool day and we dont have any heating so I am not going to risk getting too chilly

Plus there is the oh so small fact that I am not that comfortable with being naked-ish

So this is me.

For most of my life I have had issues with liking my body and accepting how I looked.

Growing up it was mainly just my mum and me. My mother had an undiagnosed eating disorder. So it is only natural that I too would develop self-worth issues.
I grew up seeing  my mother call herself fat even though she was seriously underweight.
She hardly ate and when she did eat a lot (by her small standard) she would worry about getting fat.

I didnt develop an eating disorder (as I liked food too much). But as a result of being teased in primary school (because I was thin) and an abusive relationship when I was a young teen, with a much older boy. I would strive to hide my body. My jumpers and shirts would always be XXL. I tried really hard to put on weight to help hide my body too.

It has only been in about the last 10 years that I have started to wear clothing that is more true to my size.  I honestly cant say I love my body. But I am starting to accept the way things are and learning to be more positive about the way I look.

Also an important part of the journey of learning to love my body is so that my kids can learn to have a positive self image and self worth. As I dont want them growing up the way I did and seeing their mother weigh herself every day.

This is part of the We Heart Life  I heart My Body 2011 link up
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Sarah xx


Kimmie said...

You look lovely! Love that you are doing this for your kids!

Sara said...

You are setting a fabulous example for your kids.
Love it

Kate said...

Love that you are making such an effort for your kids. That's why drives me too xox.

Unknown said...

Can I just say that I love your knickers?! So cute!

Sarah said...

Thanks girls
Alex LOL. Yes I had not planned on doing a photo shoot this morning when I picked these undies out.

~stinkb0mb~ said...

taking small steps but at least thinking positively is a start. you're setting such a good example for you kids! plus you do look pretty darn fabulous!

thanks for sharing :-)

Sarah said...

Well done you for having the courage to talk about it and to show your kids a different way.

Very cute knickers btw ;)

shae said...

you are awesome xoxo

Glow said...

You're gorgeous. It's hard when we grow up with role models who have a disorder, but it's great to see that while it's affected you, you haven't walked down that particular road.

Megs said...

Good on you for doing it for your kids. You are beautiful and awesome.

Ames said...

Acceptance is the key. Good on you for learning to love your (beautiful) body for your kids. You are an inspiration!