Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mickey mouse Clubhouse review and giveaway

The lovely people at Porter Novelli. Sent me the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Super Silly Adventures DVD to watch with my kiddies

I honestly wasn't at all sure how it would go down as The Princess has a thing for her Santa Dora DVD and it can be hard to get a different DVD into the machine to watch without a meltdown.
And Mr Magoo is temperamental on the best of days reguarding a new DVD

Well I seriously had nothing to worry about. They both really liked this DVD. And it has been requested many times since.
I loved this DVD as there were no scary parts. Which is a real problem for Mr Magoo. He finds most kids movies too scary. Which can be a bit of a challenge

I had to laugh at Mr Magoo who would yell out "oh doodle" at the top of his voice. He eventually worked out it is "oh toodle" they say on the show

So I have one of these DVDs to giveaway

To be in the running leave a comment below and tell me:

 what is the best word mix up your child has come out with?

This is only open to Australian residents
And make sure I can find your email address or I will do a re-draw

Entries close Monday the 10 th of October, and I will post the winners details on my blog, facebook page and on twitter sometime on tuesday (as long as those Internet gods dont go on strike)

I was given a free sample copy of this DVD and all coments are my own. A massive thank you to Porter Novelli for working with me. :)

Sarah xx


bardie said...

Oprah House instead of Opera House

Marita said...

I'm loving at the moment how Heidi will coming running up to me calling out "Mrs C, Mrs C...oh I mean Mum"

Mrs C is her Prep teacher, I do wonder if at school she calls Mrs C 'mum'.


Unknown said...

My Little Miss 3 likes to tell me when she has 'Pins and noodles' in her feet when she has pins and needles...makes me laugh everytime!

jaz said...

aminal instead of animal
and chicken pops instead of chicken pox

Michelle Rivett said...

My son says 'Heli-octer' (helicopter) and 'Glooter' (instead of glitter). I know we should probably be correcting him but we think its so cute that we just giggle and let him go.