Sunday, October 2, 2011

Things I know -random

Here are some random things I know this week

I do know that I wrote this up on Saturday afternoon, but then the net crashed so I am now posting it on Sunday afternoon

I know I set up a messy painting activity today (just after lunch)
I know the kids werent that interested
I know now late in the afternoon that they want to do it.
I know they just dont get what my problem is with them doing it now and not earlier.

I know it is a rainy long weekend

I know we have 1  chick hatched and hopefully more to come.

I know I made scones with jam and cream for afternoon tea

I know we are having sausages, mash, carrots and peas and gravey on this very cold night

I know that Daylight saving starts tonight
And I know that will just mess with everyones head and sleep cycles.

For more things others know, go over and see Shae at Yay for Home

Sarah xx

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