Sunday, October 9, 2011

Things I know - Sunday

Things I know on this Sunday

I know on Sundays I try to have them as lazy days

I know that on Sundays I do my best to not leave the house.

I know that I dont really think shops should open on Sundays.

I know I bought my ticket to a very big event that is happening at the end of March next year!!!

I have a giveaway for a Mickey Mouse DVD here and it only has 1 day to go!

I know I love Sundays, just because

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Sarah xx


No one said...

I know it's the last day of the school holidays here in Victoria. I know both the boys and I and really looking forward to getting back into a routine and catching up with school friends. I know I'm not looking forward to early mornings again, hahaha!

shae said...

Sundays are my favorite :)

See you in March