Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An awesome game review

Christmas isn't too far away.
And like most years I am not ready for it.

But the kind people at Mattel emailed me a list of some of their top boys and girls toys.
Then they offered me to review something from the list.
Fair to say I squealed with delight at the thought of picking something from the list.
It was a hard pick
I wanted something that we would all enjoy

And I found it

It is called Blokus  
The box says ages 5+ but Mr Magoo 5 and The Princess had no problems at all in understanding how it worked.

Mid game

Its a puzzle like  game  where you try to get all your  pieces down while also limiting the other players of where they can go.
Towards the end of a game the kids (mainly The Princess) would need help But most of the game they could play independently.
The game is best played with 4 players. If playing with 2 players they use two colours. We also play with 3

It is a quick game too which I love. As it can be done in that spare half an hour of an afternoon when the kids need calming down..

Warning it may cause a few fights if some family member gang up together against one particular player (hehehe)

It got 2 thumbs up from the kids

We just loved this game and have played it many times.

So if you would like a copy of the game
Get to the shops and buy one. I have seen it in a few of the big chain stores. So it is out there!

And if you want to see what other toys are out there this year go to the Mattel

I was not paid for this review but given a copy of the game.

Sarah xx

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