Thursday, November 10, 2011

A little Home of Happiness

Have you heard of  1000 Homes of Happiness

It is a fantastic project all about origami homes and their placement all around the world.
It really is worth checking it out. Such a simple project yet gives so much happiness.

6 months ago on the 10th of May 2011,  I released my own little home.
I left it on a bench at Goulburn Lawn Cemetery NSW.

It was the 1st anniversary of my mum's passing.
I chose the word History for my little house for a few reasons.

After my mum passed I realised that there was so many stories and so much history that I hadn't heard from her. Or things I hadn't recorded from her. As you always think there will be a tomorrow.
But then there is no tomorrow and you realise there is so much history just gone.
So many questions but no-one to answer them

The second reason why I chose the word History was because in a cemetery there is just so much History to be found.
When we go out to visit mum we spend a lot of time at the cemetery.
Poor mum often only gets 10-20 minutes of our time (sorry mum, but I know you understand). Then we go off exploring mainly into the old section. To see the old gravestones and read the history that is there. We find it so interesting and yes at times very sad.

I find a Cemetery to be a place of the celebration of life, a fantastic recording through the times and a place to discover a lot of History especially in your local area.

Plus this cemetery is a great hang out place for Kangaroos. So the kids get a good run around chasing and spotting them.
My kids know to not stand on the graves and should The Princess stand on one, you will hear the screams from Mr Magoo "Get off, you are standing on someone"

For more information on these fantastic little homes go here
You could even release one yourself!

And go check out your local cemetery and see how interesting they are.

Sarah xx


1000 Homes of Happiness said...

Just beautiful Sarah. So sorry to read about the passing of your Mum.

We are touched that you requested an origami home and released it in this very special place.

Thank you for sharing.

Agree, cemeteries are amazing places filled with 'history'.


Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

I love a walk around the cemetery, we have a lovely on near us I like to visit for its wildflowers as much as the gravestones. Good to remind ourselves how brief life can be.

Anonymous said...

Great little home release, love the history in cemeteries I visited the War cemetery in Thailand a few years ago, a
beautiful respectful setting but so sad seeing how young these soldiers are and so many with unnamed/unmarked graves. I posted today with my second home the concept!!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Sorry for the loss of your mum Sarah. You are right about cemetries being so interesting and full of history and lives well or short lived.