Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Race

I have my cranky-pants on today

This is me with my cranky-pants on!

The race that stops the nation.
The Melbourne Cup

What is the hype? I just dont get it?

For starters I don't like horse racing.
I find it offensive to use animals to race and to try and make financial gain from.

I hate how at this time of year you are encouraged to place a bet and try your luck.

Last time I heard many people were having trouble making ends meet
But yet we are encouraged to have a flutter

And if you are going to a race day event you need the dress, shoes and a hat.
So more money spent on things we dont really need.

Also in Australia there are so many people who have a gambling problem
Yet at this time of year, all you hear about is who will be the winner and placing a bet on it.
So for those who have a problem, they seriously dont need it in their face.

I also dont like how we get our children involved in it all.
I understand people see it just as a bit of fun.
But what is the message we are sending to our kids

Am I the only person who has a problem with this

just some of my random cranky-pants thoughts

Sarah xx

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