Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful for childcare

This Thursday I am thankful for childcare

My children attend childcare 2 days a week.

On weeks like this week when the kids are unable to go (due to getting Hand Foot and Mouth disease)
(for those who havent had the joy of experiencing this. The kids get blisters on their hands feet and it thier mouth, its a bit like chicken pox)
I realise how much I need those days

For those who read my blog will know my kids have special needs.
Mr Magoo who is 5 has Aspergers
and The Princess has Autism

We have good days and we have bad days.
On a good day:
We only have a few meltdowns
The kids will play nicely together
We will have fun

One a bad day:
I will have to break up many physical fights
(seriously how many households have the rule if you are going to kick your sister dont kick her in the throat)
The Princess will lay on the floor saying mumma mumma over and over or she will just scream all day
It will be hard the get Mr Magoo to settle to do any activity
He will demand to do art and craft all day (his thing) and that I make
Choc chip biscuits NOW

Having my kids attend childcare gives me a break so those bad days are not so hard to face.
These days are my respite days.
I need the break

For my kids it gives them a chance to learn and practice their social skills. And different types of play.
This  is an area that is a huge challenge for children on the spectrum.

So on this Thursday I am so Thankful for Childcare

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Sarah xx


Crash Test Mummy said...

It's really good that you give yourself a break. Daycare is great for kids to meet other kids.

Jayne said...

As someone who has worked in childcare and as a single mum of 2, I firmly believe that a (good, nurturing, loving) childcare is a very positive thing for kids and parents alike. It's the modern day equivalent of the village it takes to raise a child IMO :)

Kate said...

Oh Sarah I'd not followed up with childcare investigations. My Mum today gave me a bit of a talking to about sprints and marathons and valuing myself more highly.

She's right, and your post has reminded me why. We've had a couple of challenging days in a row and I am so exhausted.

Hope your kids recover quickly and you can have that precious time back ASAP xox.

Life Love and Hiccups said...

Thank goodness for Daycare - you sound like you really deserve the time out for you.

That is a gorgeous pic of your babes :) xx

Kirsty@MyHomeTruths said...

Childcare is a god-send! I also have 2 on the spectrum who go to school and I think we all need those 6 hours apart each day to get through the other 18 hours together. My 2 fight constantly, and while I don't have the rule about not kicking in the throat I do have to keep reminding my son it's rude to keep telling your sister he wishes she was never born (and worse...) Being a parent of kids on the spectrum is a hard gig and we all deserve a little bit of respite where we can - I hope your kids recover soon!