Friday, November 25, 2011

Things I know- a new pup

This week we are learning about life with a new pup

I know

cold  frezzing very wild weather change makes toilet training really hard

puppies like shoes, they even like them with feet in them

choosing a name causes many arguments
currently this pups name is
Billi- Licka

The adults of the family wanted Billi
Mr Magoo was pushing Licka
The Princess suggested some verrrrry looooong name
So I combined the two, knowing I could get away with just calling her Billi.
On the fact it took us 3 days to name The Princess, Mr Magoo tells me we still have time to come up with another name.  So who knows what she will be called today

Also discovered crayons are really tasty for pups as are little red dinosaurs. But the results of eating such food items is not good at all

Other 4 legged creatures may not think too much of this new creature

Poor old Molly isnt sure what to make of this bouncy new thing

But most of all I know the kids love her so much
Though not sure how The Princess feels this morning after her new thongs were chewed up.

For more things others know go over and see Shae at Yay for Home!

Sarah xx


skyelee said...

Oh dear, some puppys in trouble! I like dogs, but I LOVE shoes way too much to risk having one in the house ;-)

Kellie said...

Oh, Billi Licker is very cute! ;)

Marita said...

Oh cute. Hopefully she will grow out of thong chewing.

Daisy, Roo and Two said...

Oh you've taken my back to when we were training our puppies! It's such a fun, but frustrating time!!!

Jay said...

Hehe - good luck with the training! Billi is one cute puppy.

nellbe said...

How lovely to have a new puppy :) Such a cutie pie!