Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday- Christmas, our way

This week I am thankful for the way we do Christmas.

Leading up to the end of the year things were horrid. Meltdowns were on a huge high, I felt like we were getting pulled in every direction. Daily I was having to split up the kids from a fight. (Yes when my kids fight it gets very physical very quickly)

Then it was Christmas Day and it all pretty much stopped. A calm settled over our house.

Our Christmas is a quiet, very laid back event. It is just us at home, playing with gifts and eating food.

The result is a very calm day with minimal meltdowns and virtually no fights.
It was so nice. Also having The Miner home for a few days helped a lot too.
Though he did comment to me on Boxing Day afternoon he doesnt know how I do it day in day out. To which I choked. And quietly told him that the last few days had been pretty good compared to what normally goes on.
So I was thankful that The Miner saw my job at home with these two are not always so easy.

So yes I am thankful that I put my foot down a few years ago about us staying home and having a quiet christmas each year! It really works for us!

For more Thankful Thursday posts go over and see kate says stuff Where most are being thankful for things over the whole year. But today I am just thankful for how our christmas went.

Sarah xx