Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday- Drugs and stuff

This Thankful Thursday I am thankful for a few things.

Firstly Drugs

More to the point Fertility Drugs.
This week saw the start of injecting myself (well I get The Miner to do it) with a drug in the process in the hope we will get pregnant next month

So secondly I am thankful for the amazing science we have, (IVF) that allows couples like us to have a chance of having a baby.

Thirdly I am thankful for clinics such as Genea that service areas that are not close to the big city

Forthly I am thankful to The Miner who agreed to us doing this just one more time

And lastly I am thankful to the bank for letting us extend our limit on the credit card to cover the cost of this experience.

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I will be talking more about the whole IVF process in the upcoming weeks so keep checking in!

Sarah xx

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Skipping the supermarket

Have you read this

Little eco footprints

Tricia from Little eco footprints is skipping the supermarkets this year!

And I am going to try too

I find shops hard to deal with. They are busy, bright, so much noise and oh so much to look at.
And I hear many of you say   And, So???

Many people love that aspect of going to the shops. But for me it is all just too much.

Often for me when I am in the middle to doing the shopping I have this really strong urge to sit on and ground and cry. I have been known to burst into tears in the middle of the supermarket. I just find the whole experience so overwhelming at times.

So the chance to skip the busy shops for a year sounds just wonderful.

I mentioned thie idea to The Miner and his responce was
"I dont mind paying a bit extra as I know how you feel about this"
"Huh, what????" was pretty much my respponse
He went on about my dislike of the big companies and their bulling tactics to smaller local/ australian companies.
Tricia has recently done a great post on milk with some informative links
I have always had an issue with supermarkets and their prices on milk and how much (or how little) the farmers get in return. And I am glad I am not the only one.

So it seems I have had a bit of a gripe about the big companies for a while. So it made sense that I actually do something and make a stand.

So this year I am going to try and not go to either Woolworths or Coles. I am going to do my shopping at the local IGA in the smaller town near by. We live in Central West NSW so our choices of other food sorces isnt huge. So this is the best way I can avoid the big supermarkets.
I will try to reduce our trips to Bunnings and try to source our needs from other hardwere stores.
And reduce going to the big shopping malls.

I am actually looking forward to it.
And I hope tlo share some of the aspects of this challenge here!

Do you think you could skip
 the big supermarkets for a year?

Sarah xx

Friday, January 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday- Technology

This Thursday I am thankful for the technology age we live in.

(yes I know this pic has nothing to  do with technology)

I must admit is kinda sounds shallow and a bit materalistic, but truely I am so thankful.

I love the Internet and all that it brings.

At times in the media there is talk about how computers can make us more hermit like and we dont get out as we sit infront of a screen etc etc

But at this moment I disagree (I am refering to adults, completly feel different about children on computers, but that is a post for another day)

Think if we had no Internet we would not have these blogs or twitter or facebook where we are able to share and connect with others

At the moment I am meeting (online) so many like-minded women. Other women who are willing to put themselves out there and share their stories.

Everyday I find ideas for all different parts of my life.
Everyday I get to peek into someone elses life and read a story
Everyday I learn
Everyday I get inspired
Everyday I connect

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Sarah xx

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- 4-wheeled motorbike fun

Linking up with My Little Drummer Boys
Sarah xx

New Year New Routine!

The Miner has scored himself a new contract for 2012
A contract of work, working at a workshop in town.
Monday to Friday day shift
which means....


We have been currently on 3 different routines depending on if The Miner was on either day-shift, night-shift or days off. As the kids eat tea better when their dad is here we had 3 different tea times, 3 different bath times etc You get the picture. We had a routine (or 3) but it would always be changing.

But now every night will be the same
I dont have to worry about trying to keep the kids quiet when he was on night-shift.
I can have a shower every morning before he goes to work (its the little things that make me happy)

I honestly think this will really help the kids too. As kids with an Autism Spectrum Disorder really need routine. And even though I have visuals for our routine and what shift The Miner was on. They would still become confused at times.

So I am happy as this fits in perfectly of my goal of  becoming more organised!

Sarah xx

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The year that was. The year that will be!

Happy New Years!

A new day, a new year and a new slate!

Last year I was all over the place.
It was my first full year of not having my mother.
I was dealing with a Molar pregnancy and then passing the date the baby would have been due (which was actually mum's birthday)
The Miner started his business so he worked a lot
I started my business, but didnt get too far with it as everything else seemed to come first.
And the kids. They kept me extreamly busy with their therapies etc.
And the farm just needs more and more time.

So the year ahead

I hope to  plan to be more organised
I have to find a balance between all the bit and pieces of my life.
I want to become more of the mum I want to be!

I think that is the main parts. I am still sorting out a more detailed list but this is the start.

What are your goals for 2012?

Sarah xx