Saturday, March 24, 2012

Things I Know- DPCON12

I know I had a ticket to the Digital Parents Conference 2012

I know it will be sold off today

I know that I even had a sponsor for the conference

I know I felt really bad for letting them down

I know I am giving the money I get back from selling my ticket to Kim from Frogpondsrock

I know today Kim will be having a very big huge haircut for the World's Greatest Shave (check out her page here) and give her some money while you are there.

I know I am just giving Kim the money from the sale of my ticket to try and make me feel a bit better about my situation.


I know I am 7 weeks pregnant
I know there is a heartbeat
I know my OB isnt yet classing this as a viable pregnancy. (there are issues)
I know I have to wait till Monday the 2nd for another scan to see what he thinks.
I know I would not have been in a good head space to go to the conference.

I know if this pregnancy doesnt go any further something little but good will come out of it.

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Sarah xx

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Have you checked the car seats lately?

Have you checked your kids car seats lately?

  • Are the straps nice and tight?
  • Are all the bits clicked in to the right spots?
  • Right sort of seat for the right size of child?

Here is what two little kids look like safely in their seats

I dont have a picture of what it looks like when a child in their seat is thrown into the passenger seat.
As I was too busy trying to calm a hysterical child, while been in a very hysterical state myself.

The Miner got his new car 12 months ago. I told him over and over that the seatbelts were not enough and the black straps had to be done into the latches (You as mothers know what I mean) Anyway I had assumed it had been done.
Till yesterday.

MIL (aka The Dragon, but only in my head) looked after the kids and used The Miner's car. Everyone came home safe and sound.

Then last night when we were going out for tea. Kids went in their seats, we drive off, braked at the end of the road to turn and bang The Princess was thrown into the back of my seat, while still been strapped into her seat.
OMG, it was just horrible.
Thankfully she was not hurt. Just shaken, but was quickly fixed up with a cuddle and an iPhone to play with.

What it seems had happen was while The Dragon had been looking after the kids and my nephew had been getting out of the car he had unclipped her seatbelt buckle as well.

Anyway I ripped into The Miner about the car seats not being put in as they should have been and as I had asked. And fair to say he was very quiet about the whole thing as he knew he was in the wrong.

But the main point of this whole post is


Check your kids car seats.
As the "what if's?" are too horrid to imagine!

Sarah xx