Saturday, March 24, 2012

Things I Know- DPCON12

I know I had a ticket to the Digital Parents Conference 2012

I know it will be sold off today

I know that I even had a sponsor for the conference

I know I felt really bad for letting them down

I know I am giving the money I get back from selling my ticket to Kim from Frogpondsrock

I know today Kim will be having a very big huge haircut for the World's Greatest Shave (check out her page here) and give her some money while you are there.

I know I am just giving Kim the money from the sale of my ticket to try and make me feel a bit better about my situation.


I know I am 7 weeks pregnant
I know there is a heartbeat
I know my OB isnt yet classing this as a viable pregnancy. (there are issues)
I know I have to wait till Monday the 2nd for another scan to see what he thinks.
I know I would not have been in a good head space to go to the conference.

I know if this pregnancy doesnt go any further something little but good will come out of it.

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Sarah xx


Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah, how exciting but scarey for you...Big Hugs and lots of positive love coming your way for this to be a healthy viable pregnancy xx

Marita said...

Oh that is huge life changing stuff. Sending hugs and good vibes your way.

Karen said...

Oh Sarah, My heart is aching for you. My thoughts & prayers will be with you! Hugs to you & the miner.

Unknown said...

I agree with the others, scary and exciting. I'm sorry I won't meet you at DPCON, but hope that all will be well with your pregnancy.

Good on you for donating the money to Kim's cause and thanks for linking up with Things I know.