Friday, June 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday- a clear head

Ok so I am doing this Thankful Thursday on a Friday, but this week has been a write off so honestly you could convince me of it being any day.

Today for once I had a moment of total clear thinking in my head. Normally this doesn't happen as there is so many to-do lists etc going on in there it is just voices fighting over the top of each other.

I was standing out the back with two other woman watching the alpacas have sex (as you do) and my head was clear and I was able to really think about the directions that I want my life to take.  Where I hope to take my business ventures, my blog etc. All those little (but yet big) thoughts that get pushed aside by the day to day voices that just take over.

And while having my moment of clear thinking I realised the big thing is that all these directions that I want my life to go in, dont have to be done tomorrow! (gosh these alpacas will be pregnant for over 11 months) So things can be developed over a extended period of time.
This is usually my problem. I have an idea and feel it needs to be acted on right this minute! And if I dont succeed within a very short period of time I feel like a failure.
But I am learning to take little steps. And these little steps are just as important as what great big leaps can be. And by taking these little steps I will still get to the goal I am hoping for, or it may change along the way. Who knows and that is part of the fun of the journey.

The other thing that I am thankful for is a little bit of wisdom The Miner said to me the other week.
He told me that I just have to have faith in myself.

This is usually something I struggle with, especially since I tend to expect instant results, and when it doesnt happen I feel like a failure. Then become afraid to try again.

So I just need to remember that piece of wisdom and capture those moments of clear thinking and I can move forward and not feel so stuck in the rut I feel I get myself into.

Do you capture those moments of clear thinking, 
that help to give you direction.?

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Oh I cant take credit for the above pic. I found it on Mr Magoo's camera. I love it!

Sarah xx


Karen said...

I had to LOL. Yeah, lets stand around watching Alpacas have sex!
I'm glad you had such a great moment of clarity. I've done a little tninking too. Hope to one day get to Uganda or similar still. Will need to see what life brings me when this job I'm doing right now becomes less demanding.
P.S. I agree with your miner man, you r putting a huge amount of pressure on yourself! You have two kids that require more attn than most, or demand it! AND you're growing another little person. I believe you are capable of doing hatever you want to, but things don't always happen within our own ideal timeframes do they?

Renee | About a Bugg said...

Those moments of clarity are amazing aren't they? And often happen at the most random, unexpected times - yet maybe it makes them more powerful that way...

Your man is very wise, a little bit of faith will take you a long way.