Monday, September 3, 2012

The placenta from hell!

Meet my new best friend. I feel like I am constantly hooked up to this machine.

I am now 30 weeks a big achievement my OB says

I am currently having my third stay in hospital. (oh joy)

My problem is my placenta.
This pregnancy I seem to have scored the placenta from hell!

Most placentas are blob shapes that hang around in the uterus a bit out of the way just doing their job.

Mine has its own agenda.
Firstly it is low and in the way
Secondly it keeps bleeding
Thirdly it has attached itself to my c-section scar
And lastly it isn't a nice blob shape. It has spread itself all over the place (except the back wall) of my uterus.

So it is causing massive issues and making the reality of having a prem baby very real. Which is a very scary thought when to have a baby at 30 weeks means a helicopter ride to the nearest NICU about 3 hours away.

So for the moment I will sit in my hospital bed and beg my placenta to be a little nice


Oh I am attempting to join in with #Blogfor30, and I know it is the third day into the month and this is my first post :s

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JustForDaisy said...

Sorry to hear your placenta is not cooperating! Praying things improve for you and your little one can stay inside a little longer! x Hugs to you

Anonymous said...

Rest up lovely and tell that placenta to stay putt and get that Bubba cooked a few more weeks xx