Monday, February 7, 2011


Last night my big boy who turned 5 expressed his desire to sleep in his own bed, own room.
Mark the miner jumped at this opportunity.

Hence a very quick bed was set up

in an already very squished space of a playroom/ my craft room/ dump and run room

So my big boy and baby girl have moved out of my bed and my room, and into their own space

This is Archie's end of the bed

And this is Charlotte-Rose's end.

Yes they top and tail in the same bed.

Because: the room can only fit one bed in it.
and this idea was decided at 8pm last night. Also hence the lack of bedding.

And man there is some space in a KING bed when only 2 people are in it.



Anonymous said...

hello there,
thanks for popping over to my blog.


Maxabella said...

That's so exciting for you! Or are you sad? Either way, it's a good start to helping them towards independence. And they still have each other!! x

Cheryl said...

I should think they find comfort in knowing their sibling is there. That big jump is so huge.

Welcome to blogging, which is a big jump as well!

Anonymous said...

I actually am loving the new move. I thought I would be sad but sleeping next to Charlotte-Rose is bloody hard.
So am totally enjoying not getting my hair pulled or kicked in the head. And I dont have to listen to her grinding her teeth!

Ash said...

We're in the process of this at the moment, so I'm glad to hear it wasn't too sad! I will be the most sad I think - I don't think Will is bothered! He's excited about going to sleep where all the toys are!

Becky said...

Oh how exciting for you AND them! My girls top and tail as well. It's worked out wonderfully up until now, as they've grown and can now kick each other.