Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pass it on

This morning I read this post from yay for home

It is about giving others a meal.
The simple act of how giving another person a home cooked meal can make the world of difference to them.
It could be
  • a friend with a new baby,
  • a friend who has had a hard time of late,
  • a friend who you just want to give a gift to,
  • or even just a neighbour.

For the giver it is simple for us to just cook a bit extra, pop it into a container and just drop it off.
For the receiver it means one less meal to cook, which for A LOT of us is huge. Not having to juggle the cooking and the kids at the end of a long day.

The timing of this post was perfect as yesterday I got news of a pregnant friend who is now on bed rest to try and prevent her baby coming early. So this week I will be cooking something up for her and her family.

So like Shae over at yay for home I am encouraging you all to cook a meal or even some biscuits for another person.



Seaweed and Raine said...

A brilliant reminder of something so simple that means a whole lot to some one else. I dropped off a bag of home-made choc chip cookies to a friend yesterday who had just had baby. So easy - but with a new born, something that she wouldn't have gotten to herself.

sevencherubs said...

LOVE this - I am adding you to a link of mine coming up saying I want to do more of this :) thanks x

Anonymous said...

Excellent Idea. Thanks Sarah & Thanks Shae