Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things I know

I am joining in with Yah for Home in Things I Know

Things I know

-Bear Grylls actually gets mentioned a bit of mummy blogs. (and not because we lust after him)
- when children have a late day sleep then a VERY late night. Mummy doesnt have much patience the next day.
-children know when Mummy is not at her best.
-ducks are funny to watch

-a broody hen (with no babies) can be scary
-there are so many zucchinis in the garden that I will need to do some serious cooking today

-there is nothing cuter than baby lambs who bounce after their mothers.



shae said...

Impressive zuchinni!
Thanks for joining in :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shae,
The kids wanted to see how big they could grow it before we risked it rotting. Personally I would perfer to pick them smaller and sweeter

Fiona at innerpickle said...

That is a MAGNIFICENT zucchini!! i need to come to you for gardening tips!

Anonymous said...

Thát's not a zucchini, THIS is a zucchini!!

LOL at stig! Goooo STIG!