Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year New Routine!

The Miner has scored himself a new contract for 2012
A contract of work, working at a workshop in town.
Monday to Friday day shift
which means....


We have been currently on 3 different routines depending on if The Miner was on either day-shift, night-shift or days off. As the kids eat tea better when their dad is here we had 3 different tea times, 3 different bath times etc You get the picture. We had a routine (or 3) but it would always be changing.

But now every night will be the same
I dont have to worry about trying to keep the kids quiet when he was on night-shift.
I can have a shower every morning before he goes to work (its the little things that make me happy)

I honestly think this will really help the kids too. As kids with an Autism Spectrum Disorder really need routine. And even though I have visuals for our routine and what shift The Miner was on. They would still become confused at times.

So I am happy as this fits in perfectly of my goal of  becoming more organised!

Sarah xx

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Anonymous said...

Great news Sarah, life will be much easier to organise for sure :)