Friday, January 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday- Technology

This Thursday I am thankful for the technology age we live in.

(yes I know this pic has nothing to  do with technology)

I must admit is kinda sounds shallow and a bit materalistic, but truely I am so thankful.

I love the Internet and all that it brings.

At times in the media there is talk about how computers can make us more hermit like and we dont get out as we sit infront of a screen etc etc

But at this moment I disagree (I am refering to adults, completly feel different about children on computers, but that is a post for another day)

Think if we had no Internet we would not have these blogs or twitter or facebook where we are able to share and connect with others

At the moment I am meeting (online) so many like-minded women. Other women who are willing to put themselves out there and share their stories.

Everyday I find ideas for all different parts of my life.
Everyday I get to peek into someone elses life and read a story
Everyday I learn
Everyday I get inspired
Everyday I connect

For more Thankful Thursdays (which yes I know was yesterday)  Go over and see kate says stuff

Sarah xx


Kate said...

I agree Sarah. We're contemplating a possible big move and one of the reasons I know I would cope is that my friends are in my computer and I can take that with me. The isolation that would have once been enough to put me off just isn't there any more.

I'm grateful to have 'met' people like you who have helped guide and support me during some really difficult times.


Anonymous said...

So true, love learning and everyday I find out something new from the wonderful bloggers I found. Only problem with my internet is being holidays my Teenage Twins has used up my data!!